June 15, 2022

Loyalty Apps in a Cookie-Less World: How to Leverage Your Customer Data

loyalty apps in a cookie-less world

The rumors are true: cookies are coming to an end. While consumers aren’t fond of them, cookies are incredibly helpful for many marketers, who will have to rethink their data strategy. However, we can help make the transition a little bit easier. That valuable data that cookies provide can be collected from other places. With loyalty apps, not only can you source customer data, but you can also build the foundation for a lasting relationship. Here’s how to leverage your customer data in a world without cookies.

Zero-Party Data vs. First-Party Data

While you won’t have third-party data to work with anymore, zero- and first-party data can be just as beneficial. Let’s break them down.

  • Zero-party data is the information that consumers give to you directly. Whether it’s an email address or a website preference, anything that the customer personally fills out falls into this category.
  • First-party data is what brands will use to figure out consumer preferences based on their behavior. When you examine your customers’ habits on the digital channels you own, you can create customized offers they’ll enjoy.

How Loyalty Apps Can Help

As we transition into a cookie-less world, you’ll need to find another way to collect the data that helps you personalize your customer experience. A well-crafted loyalty program gives your customers the opportunity to tell you their preferences directly. No need to reply on third party data! Here’s how to use your loyalty program to snag the information you want while putting the customer first.

Make It Enticing

So, you want consumers to hand over their information, but what are you going to give them in return? There must be a value in the exchange. You’ll learn how to segment your consumers, which communication channels they prefer, and how to personalize their experience. They’ll want to receive special offers, personalized promotions, birthday gifts, and more. These incentives provide the value they’re looking for.

Get Creative

It’s not difficult to use zero- and first-party data to create a customized consumer experience. You can include their name throughout the interface, make their favorites easy to find, and offer rewards for special events. Yet, consider taking things a step further. Whether you’re giving your most loyal customers the opportunity to meet celebrities on Zoom like Chipotle Together or creating a user-friendly app that accounts for more than half your sales like Starbucks, a little personalization can go a long way.

Communicate Constantly

Communication is the foundation of any relationship, business or personal. Once a customer joins your loyalty program, they’re open to you reaching out. A well-timed email, a snappy SMS, or an urgent push notification can deliver the right message at the right time. It’s the key to owning the customer relationship. Plus, how else will your customers know how and where to find you?

Final Thoughts

Navigating a world without cookies can be difficult, but a loyalty program can give you all the data you need to keep your customer experience in good shape. Implement a loyalty strategy today to save time and resources when the cookie-less era begins.

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