September 20, 2020

New Homeowner & Renter Shopping Habits

Marketing Insights for Furniture Retailers – What is a New Homeowner Buying?

When it comes to buying or renting a new home, there are a few key processes the average homeowner goes through in order to prepare themselves for moving day

  • Donating or selling old furniture and appliances before moving into their new home to make room for new furniture.
  • Conceptualizing the layout of the new home, even before they’ve signed the purchase documents/rental agreements.
  • Creating a shopping list for the home including general appliances, furniture, accessories, and more.

Wouldn’t it be nice to start marketing to your customer before or during the decision-making process? DBM Group helps businesses find potential customers as soon as their data becomes available. With weekly data appends, list scrubs, and custom trade area filtering, we’re known for our ability to execute quick, efficient marketing campaigns for our clients.

We have the most accurate financial and demographic details for each household in the process of moving, while our innovative AI processes capture this information as soon as a house goes on the market. Every week, our data scientists sift through our national database filings using hyper-segmented criteria and eliminating waste (refinancing, duplicates, etc.), so you know you’re marketing to the right customers, and not wasting precious marketing dollars.

This window into our New Homeowner/Mover program is based on years of experience and research in our field. Below is data pulled using information submitted by actual customers and new movers regarding their furniture shopping habits.

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