June 02, 2023

AI and DBM, with President Kurt Whitmer

There’s a great deal of discourse around artificial intelligence at the moment, particularly in the marketing sector. With recent advents such as machine learning, realistic image creation, and chatbot copy, executives are keying into this emerging technology with real enthusiasm. According to Deloitte’s most recent CMO survey, 8.6% of executives reported the technology as playing a significant role in optimizing marketing budgets. The firm expects that number to buoy to 22.9% over the course of the next three years as tools like deep learning analytics allow marketers to squeeze more out of constricted budgets.

A Quick Note

At DBM, we always keep a finger on the pulse of burgeoning technology. We often wear many departmental hats, offering a range of capabilities from data, data analytics and custom programming to creative, print, digital and loyalty.

Here’s our take

We’re continuously looking for ways to improve our process and arsenal of products, and if deep learning analytics and AI offers assistance in positive ways then we are happy to embrace them. Our goal is to provide stellar services to each of our clients in smart, actionable ways, so rich time-saving tools are always worth investigating. Specific projects may call for a machine learning angle, and we will certainly be prepared when it does.

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